> Verina Astra Boutique Hotel

aka lab architects were commissioned to transform seven existing Cycladic buildings into a boutique hotel in the island of Sifnos. Taking into consideration the steep and vast views of Poulati, where Verina Astra is located, aka lab architects have created a series of contradicting elements for the visitors to absorb the Cycladic landscape while finding themselves in relaxing and protected areas.

Location: Sifnos Island • Greece
Size: 200m² & 4000m² Landscape
Client: VER-INN A.E.
Type: Commision
Date: 2008
Status: Completed
Architects: Chryssie Arabatzi • Stathis Kataropoulos • Myrto Zirini
Collaborators: I. Handeli
Contractors: Apex S.A. • aka lab architects
Photographs: Zacharias Dimitriadis & aka lab architects