> Innovative Bioclimatic European School Complex

Our main concern and drive has been to provide the children with new approach to education, with external teaching areas, technological and agricultural learning, spaces that are directly related to nature, providing safety but also ownership to the children. The main principle of the design has been to create a protected yet open space for the kids to express themselves, retaining as much as possible the existing olive grove and intergrating the built spaces with the Cretan landscape. 

Location: Heraklion - Crete • Greece
Size: 6300m²
Client: School Buildings Organisation of Greece
Type: International Competition
Architects: Stathis Kataropoulos • Chryssie Arabatzi
Team: M. Rotsou • A. Labada
Consultants: F. Kouvaras • S. Baki • P. Gravouniotis • Armodios Vovos Ltd • B. Gill • Th. Liakos