> Museum of Modern Art (Fix Factory)

The Ministry of Culture had selected the old centrally located listed beer factory (FIX Beer) to be converted into the Museum of Modern Arts. Our design was based on a very delicate and sensitive guidline in order to preserve the industrial elements of the building yet provide the right canvas to house art pieces from around the world.

Location: Athens • Greece
Size: 10,000m²
Client: EMST
Type: Invited Competition
Date: 2003
Status: Idea, Preliminary
Architects: Dimitris Kataropoulos • John Miller & Partners
Struc. Eng: J. Marneris & Associates
Mech. Eng: A. Asimakis - K. Georgakopoulos - K. Papapostolou Ltd
Consultants: D. Traferro • P.Efthimiatos