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Our approach to house projects vary from single family houses to housing complexes and apartment refurbishments. We always design with respect to clients’ budget, available local resources, contemporary life style and habits and also possible future changes or alterations of use and inhabitation. Great emphasis is given to the bioclimatic character of the building, the surrounding environment, landscape and views. Low or high end we design using a wide spectrum of materials and resources.



7 C.A.T.S. House, 125m²,
Neo Phychiko
2013, Final Design
1355493905 163 container 1355493942 178 TSAGARADA 1355493935 176 Seliana B
Olive Grove Container House, 32m²,
2012, Final Design

Family Mansion, 180m²,
Tsagarada • Pelio
2012, Preliminary Design
Brook Mansion House, 140m²,
Refurbishment, Korinthia
2012, Under Construction
1355493927 174 SELIANA A 1355493918 170 Venias House 1355494168 KZ06 Piperakis Flat
Restoration of rural house, 135m²,
2011, Preliminary Design
Sculptress' Apartment Refurbishment, 160m²
Kolonaki, Athens
2011 Final Design
White Apartment, 100m²,
Athens, Greece
2011, Completed
1355493911 167 KTHN 1355493899 142 Split House 1355493891 132 rural house01
Viewmaster House, 180m²,
Kythnos, Cyclades
2012, Final Design [Planning Permission]
Split Family House Refurbishment, 220m²
Anixi, Attika
2010 Final Design
Split Wedge House, 160m²,
Agios Georgios Nilias, Pelio


1355493885 127 KYDATH 1355493878 114 Sifnos Landscape 1355493870 112 Filothei
Listed building,Facede Restoration,
Plaka, Athens
Landscape design, 4000m²,
Vathy, Sifnos
2008, Preliminary Design


Skyfall Apartment, 180m²,
Nea Filothei, Athens
2009, Completed
1355493864 110 VATHY 1355494159 KZ05 Pagrati 1355493859 106 kapandriti
Tangent Slope Houses, 300m²
Vathy Sifnos, Cyclades
2009, final design [planning permission]
Downtown apartment, 80m²
Athens, Greece
Split House, 300m²
Kapandriti, Attika
2008,Preliminary Design
1355493850 104 music Loft 1355494148 AP200 Gatzea 1355494132 AP196 PEFKI
Music Loft, 80m²
Plaka, Athens, Greece
Rural House, 125m²
Gatzea, Pelion, Greece
Multi Housing, 1250m²
Pefki,Attika, Greece
1355564256 020 Naxos 1355494124 AP195 Alonaki 1355494117 AP173 Aloni Houses
Island  House, 230m²
Apirathos Naxos,  Greece
2007, Final Design
Alonaki  House, 95m²
Agios Georgios Nilias,  Pelion Greece
Aloni House,140m²
Agios Georgios Nilias,  Pelion Greece
1355494111 AP161 Tzia houses 1355494101 AP160 Laimos 1355494093 AP144 Marsan
1355494086 AP136 Faliro 1355494075 AP135 Penteli House C 1355494065 AP134 Filothei
1355494058 AP132 Kifisia A 1355494047 AP128 Logotheti 1355494019 AP126 Penteli HouseB
1355494010 AP110 Penteli HouseA 1355494003 AP109 aiolida 1355493995 AP71 Pinakates House
1355493984 AP67 sofroniskou 1355493967 AP65 thanopoulos 1355493959 AP55 Zervakou
1355493950 AP40 Kea