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  • New Cultural Centre in Cyprus New Cultural Centre in Cyprus 14/07/2015
  • Floating Panorama Apartment Renovation Floating Panorama Apartment Renovation 16/04/2015

    This is our latest apartment renovation proposal in the centre of Athens. Find our more by following the link

  • Rural guest house Rural guest house 22/11/2014

    This is our newly finished project in the area of Mount Pelion. A contemporary holiday villa using local materials and techniques.

    More info here

  • Natural Pond in Eumelia Organic Farm Natural Pond in Eumelia Organic Farm 09/10/2013

    We are happy to announce the launch of the crowd funding process in order to materialize this beautiful natural pond in Eumelia Organic Farm. 

    Learn more about it and get involved here,  


    Alternatively you can click here to find out more about this project. 

  • Cultural Seaming in Samos Island Cultural Seaming in Samos Island 09/07/2013

    This project aims to offer a complex proposal in a series of diverse interventions in order to highlight and expose Samos' culture and the Aegean islands as a whole . 


    >> visit project for more info

  • Competition: European Bioclimatic School in Crete Competition: European Bioclimatic School in Crete 21/12/2012

    We are happy to present you our proposal for the International Architectural Competition for the Innovative European Bioclimatic School in Heraklion Crete, promoted by the School Buildings Organization of Greece (OSK). Our main concern and drive has been to provide the children with new approach to education, with external teaching areas, technological and agricultural learning, spaces that are directly related to nature, providing safety but also ownership to the children. The design is based solely on bioclimatic principles and special care has been given to utilize natural ventilation and shading and solar gain. 

    Click here to see the full description of the project

  • New Restaurant in Athens New Restaurant in Athens 10/12/2012

    The new premise of 'Rakadimia' restaurant is under construction. This lovely local restaurant in Egaleo is expanding and will be housed in a more industrial yet warm and cosy space with references to the production of the Cretan raki. Stay tuned for more information.

  • GoldStar Aviation Head Quarters GoldStar Aviation Head Quarters 20/01/2016

    Gold Star Aviation is a general sales agent for airlines companies. Situated in the heart of Athens city center, at Filellinon street and Amalias avenue, the offices have direct views towards the National Gardens of Athens. 

    Visit the project here